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Digital procurement made simple

Find the procurement software that matches your own unique search criteria, in just a few clicks.

No subscriptions. No gated content. No complicated charts.


Who Is This Site For?

We help busy procurement and finance leaders and digital transformation consultancies, who want to discover the best procurement software but don’t have the time or budget for complex white papers full of jargon.

Procurement Software is a simple, FREE, easy-to-use tool that shortlists solutions providers that meet your personally defined criteria.

Unlike other resources, we especially focus our content on solutions that target mid-market businesses and SMEs.

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Why we're different


We've listed all the relevant solutions - but our focus is on modern SaaS rather than legacy brand, all-in-one suites.

Startups included

We love to showcase new, up-and-coming solutions. Why? Because that's usually where we find the most innovation!

Mid-market focus

Most publishers and analysts focus on enterprise solutions. Our USP is software catering to the mid-market & SMEs.

Multiple filters

We find solution maps to be too one-dimensional. That's why you can filter on several different criteria at the same time.

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James Meads


James loves all things procuretech. He passionately believes that procurement should be more user-friendly and less bureaucratic. He loves being active and spending time in the mountains, by the sea, discovering good wine, smelly cheese, and avoiding cold weather. His favourite ninja turtle was Donatello.

Rich Meads

Researcher & Content Writer

Rich is passionate about innovation and sustainability, and hopes that tech will enable smarter, more ethical business practices for the future. When he's not writing, he enjoys mountain biking, hiking, festivals and any other chance to get muddy in the great outdoors. He will also beat you at Mario Kart.

Matilde Leitão


Matilde has a passion for the social side of the internet and everything that involves online marketing. She is a big advocate of remote work and location independence, and has been a digital nomad for 4 years. Loves the sea, and dislikes the cold, but now lives in the mountains of Bulgaria!

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