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Find procurement software that matches your own unique requirements, in just a few clicks.

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We champion cool procuretech innovation:
Not vanilla, corporate procurement software

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Solution maps are one-dimensional. Most procurement software has multiple modules. Search and filter on several criteria.

Startups included

We showcase up-and-coming solutions. Why? Because Procurement needs more disruption, and these solutions are where the innovation is!

Mid-market focus

Most publishers and analysts focus on enterprise software. We shine a bright light on software targeting the Mid-Market and SMEs.

Best-of-Breed Software

We've listed all relevant solutions. Our focus though is on modern SaaS rather than legacy, all-in-one enterprise suites.

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What Industry Leaders are saying about us


There will never be a definition that everyone will agree on. However, for a solution to be listed on our site, they must:

  1. Focus on Procurement as one of their core sales channels;
  2. Have a product that is beyond MVP and already has paying customers;
  3. Be selling their software-as-a-service product independently of any other service i.e. consulting.

In addition to the above criteria, we also have to be mindful of where there is overlap into other categories of tech.

For example, any solutions which we deem to be primarily focused on Legal, Supply Chain or Finance as a target market rather than Procurement, we typically may decide not to list.

It’s not an exact science though, and we realise that we can’t please everybody all the time!

If you feel that we’re missing a solution that should be listed, please reach out.

Most solution providers do not disclose their pricing on the sales pages of their websites. 

Sometimes, this is a business strategy decision. In other cases, it’s because the software has to be customised for each individual customer and there is no standard list price.

We have tagged each solution based on their approach to pricing i.e. per seat or enterprise (unlimited users) pricing, and their level of transparency in this regard.

Unfortunately, in most cases, you won’t get clarity on pricing unless you schedule a call with one of their sales team. This is outside of our control.

Just complete our intake survey and we’ll be in touch.

Note: We only list software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions.

We don’t list consultancies or software that doesn’t focus on solving a core procurement challenge.

We also don’t list pre-revenue startups who are in MVP mode.

No software solution has paid to be listed in our directory.

One of our bugbears is that some competitor sites operate a “pay-to-play” business model under the radar. The reader or viewer may not realise it’s sponsored content.

We don’t do that because it’s not an ethical business practice.

As a business model, we provide media content in the form of sponsored blogs, podcast episodes or webinars. We also work as referral partners for certain software solutions, which you can find on our Partners Page.

Procurement technology companies also have the option to upgrade their directory profiles with videos and screenshots as paid options, but this does not influence the order of how we display the search results.

Because buying procurement technology isn’t like buying something on Amazon. Success of a digital procurement transformation and the level of satisfaction with software are both dependent on so many other factors. We genuinely believe that reviews are virtually useless. Find out why in one of our recent blog posts.

Our target audience is on Procurement and Finance leaders in mid-market businesses in EMEA and North America, as well as Consultancies who serve this market.

Our goal is to democratise access to content. We truly believe that most potential buyers of procurement software don’t need complex white papers, quadrants, waves, solution maps or any other complex, jargon-filled research.

The biggest challenge is just understanding the breadth of the different solutions on the market.

On, you can do this completely free of charge, with unbiased listings.

Yes, please contact us. We offer numerous options to collaborate:

  • Embed our back end database on your own website.
  • Purchase an annual subscription to our back end procurement software database;
  • James, our Founder, offers his knowledge as a retained advisor to a small number of clients. 
  • Just need one-time answer to a specific question? Then book a “Power Hour” with James for just €149, payable by Visa or MasterCard.


James Meads​


James loves all things procuretech. He passionately believes that procurement should be more user-friendly and less bureaucratic. He loves being active and spending time in the mountains, by the sea, discovering good wine, smelly cheese, and avoiding cold weather. His favourite ninja turtle was Donatello.

Racon Kangleon

Database Manager

Meet Racon, our jack-of-all-trades superstar. He's like a sponge for knowledge, soaking up new skills with a grin. From crafting to fixing, he's a pro. And when he's not transforming wood into art, you'll catch him throwing punches in boxing and Muay Thai, or binge-watching anime; he's a master at mixing up the fun in his lively life!