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The 25 Hottest European Procurement Startups

Procuretech in Europe is buzzing right now. European procurement software startups are growing fast, and we’re constantly seeing new ones landing onto the scene.

Despite a slowdown in funding and a cautious economic outlook, there’s plenty of innovation in this space. Lots of European procurement tech startups are still in early or growth phase.

We look at 25 of them who are making an impact across different areas of procurement.

Also, don’t miss our articles on Nordic, UK and German procurement startups, and of course not forgetting the US hottest procuretech startups.


25 hottest European procurement startups to watch

Before we give you the list, we should briefly touch on what we’ve defined as a “Startup”.

  • Less than 50 employees, according to data on LinkedIn.
  • Less than 10 years old as a company.
  • A company showing signs of growth i.e. numerous customers, and beyond launch stage.

If they are VC-backed, then they must be at pre-Seed or Seed stage. Anyone at Series A onwards, we would typically label as a Scaleup.

If you want to search the whole range of procurement tech companies out there beyond just startups, then check our our free software directory.

If you’re a consultancy, an investor, or a solution provider and need to do deeper analysis of the market, we also offer subscriptions to our back end database, with all data points searchable.


1. Apadua

Apadua logo

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Apadua is a professional services sourcing software, based in Cologne, Germany.

Founded in 2016, the company is led by two experienced procurement and management experts. It serves Fortune 500 companies, and in 2020 the platform managed more than $150M of spend.

Apadua offers three distinct pieces of procurement software (together called the Apadua Smart Procurement Suite):

  • Apadua Explore
  • Apadua Source
  • Apadua Monitor

Explore is ‘an AI powered online directory of professional services firms, based on data from thousands of public and non-public sources’.

In addition, Explore uses information from Source and Monitor to update its database. It also has convenient filters and ways to organise different providers. Source is a safe and user-friendly guide through the RFP and awarding process.

It can also automatically match project specifications with results from the Apadua database. This allows for easier RFP document creation and for cover letters to be drafted. There is also an evaluation matrix feature.

Apadua Monitor is what their website describes as ‘an easy-to-use, collaborative Quality Assurance System that pays full attention to the knowledge and sentiment of each individual stakeholder.’

The software has a feedback system that uses short surveys to get evaluation from employees. It also has an analytics system claiming to focus on risk management rather than retrospective troubleshooting.

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2. Spendkey

Spendkey logo

Spendkey provides a SaaS platform that simplifies spend analytics at all levels of your organisation.

It’s built by an experienced team of sourcing professionals and consultants who have spent decades developing cost optimisation strategies for world-renowned brands. Spendkey uses machine learning technology to categorise spend data into up to 5 levels of taxonomy.

It converts large amounts of information into profitable insights, turning messy data into highlighting tangible savings opportunities.

The platform aims to provide a one stop solution for sustainable insights.

Feature highlights include: Easy to use five-category classifications, best in class enterprise taxonomy, the ability to gain insights from trend analysis and organisation behaviours, 100% spend visibility and proprietary machine learning algorithms designed to deliver accuracy.

Spendkey is one of few spend analytics platforms which also offer transparent pricing on their website. You can configure costs based on your spend and number of data points to be analysed.


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3. Weproc

Weproc logo

Weproc is a small French company offering a SaaS eProcurement software with a focus on purchasing and spend management.

The platform is especially suited for SMEs. It serves a wide range of sectors, from health and education, to manufacturing and construction. Weproc aims to facilitate the management of Purchase Orders and invoices through a simple and efficient interface.

The Weproc platform takes users from request to pay, all in once place. Allowing them to visualise their requests, control expenses, receive and reconcile the invoice from one central location.

Weproc offers features for:

  • Procurement Management
  • Product Management
  • Contract Management
  • Supplier Management
  • Budget Management
  • Accounting
  • Basic Analytics

Weproc also aims to put user experience first. It boasts a clear, ergonomic and efficient interface, along with readily available support. It’s also designed in a modular fashion, allowing for scalability and flexibility.

Pricing is transparently displayed on their website and is based on a per user model, with 4 different pricing tiers.


Key Data:

  • Founder / CEO: Steven Oziol
  • Date Founded: 2019
  • Visit Weproc profile in our Software Finder


4. Mithra-AI

Mithra AI logo

Mithra AI Solutions is an Amsterdam-based startup offering a Cognitive Spend Intelligence solution. It learns your spend pattern and unique taxonomy, keeping your spend cleansed and classified.

The tool can continually generate and revise strategies across categories.

Mithra-AI enables users to:

  • Collect & merge spend data in one place
  • Get continuous and full visibility using your unique spend taxonomy
  • Be proactive with opportunity & risk alerts “when and where matters” using internal and external data
  • Easily Integrate and manage new spend portfolios (eg. M&A)

The solution gives you full spend visibility. You can visualise, maintain and explore your spend taxonomy in many different forms.

This allows you to create, execute and adopt your winning sourcing strategy instead of working with outdated data from historical spend snapshots.

Pricing structure is not disclosed on their website.

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5. Sparetech

Sparetech lgo

Sparetech is a German software application, providing a spare parts and MRO procurement management solution.

The platform offers:

  • Global spare part searching
  • An automated and customisable workflow for material creation
  • Automatic BOM checks
  • Matching algorithm, which identifies required spare parts lists for certain original equipment (OEM) machinery.

Furthermore, Sparetech offers easy 1-click quotations, and a duplicate-free material master solution, as well as a B2B collaboration network (which is currently in beta mode).


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6. Thinking Machine

Thinking Machine logo

Thinking Machine Systems is a UK start-up providing a machine learning-based automation solution for telecoms procurement, aimed at enterprise level companies.

It provides data transparency through a simple yet powerful dashboard, as well as identification of potential value leaks and real-time cost optimisation insights.

Thinking Machine does not require integration with existing software or ERP systems. It leverages AI to consistently check that your telecoms and IT contracts actually match your current requirements.

It describes itself as an alternative to both manual audits, or putting faith in your vendors’ invoices being correct. Thinking Machine offers a quick way to identify discrepancies in supplier invoices. It then provides you with the tools and dashboards to be able to negotiate or recover any savings resulting from this.

Their website offers some transparency on pricing, but a firm quotation requires you to talk to their sales team.

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7. trueLedger

trueLedger logo

trueLedger is an early stage contract-to-invoice platform based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Its focus is on real time contract management for professional services spend. With its unique Computed Contracting platform, trueLedger empowers your company to effectively steer external teams and track their progress.

This allows you to focus on the actual work that needs to be done, rather than spending unnecessary time on retroactive governance efforts.

The platform offers trusted collaboration between buyers and vendors, based on a fully transparent, real time single source of truth.

It gives constantly updated, precise cash-flow projections (for both parties), long before any invoices are issued.

trueLedger automates procure-to-pay (P2P) and order-to-cash (OTC) processes, with zero manual intervention in invoice processing, accounting and payments​.

The platform specialises in contract management, automated invoice creation, external workforce management, computed contracting, and professional service management.

It aims to provide a novel, easy, and convenient user experience for contracting externals.

Currently, their website does not provide any information on their pricing model.


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8. Workfellow

Workfellow logo

Workfellow is a Finnish software startup providing process intelligence solutions.

Their product, Work API, offers automated process discovery and workflow tracking across an organisation’s various business systems and apps. Their services target enterprises across finance, insurance, procurement, and banking.

Key features include automated process discovery to visualise workflows across different business systems and benchmark processes. This can be done without the need for traditional process mining. Work API tracks tasks and system usage with AI to categorise work while preserving privacy.

It generates insights on bottlenecks, variants, and cycle times to drive process improvements. The solution also includes ready-made dashboards, KPIs, and intuitive case management to uncover and act on opportunities quickly.

There is no pricing information disclosed on their website.

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9. Digi Proc

DigiProc logo

DigiProc is a Swedish startup offering a platform for automated supplier negotiations.

It enables users to easily negotiate with all of their tactial and tail spend suppliers. The platform promises to realise significant value and savings from each negotiation.

DigiProc works by first analysing your spend data. It then uses this data to make detail-informed suggestions that support your negotiation process.

The software also provides you with a personal dashboard. This serves as a central location and workspace for negotiations, giving you an accurate overview of your whole supplier base.

DigiProc offers consistent support to help you get the most out of your negotiations. From platform education, to templates for negotiation and project management.

The platform aims to bring an end to unmanaged tail spend, and leave no supplier unmanaged.

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10. Alpas Ai

alpas logo

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Alpas AI is a Berlin-based supplier discovery platform for the procurement and product development departments of mid to large manufacturing companies.

Working together with manufacturers, Alpas aims to create a more sustainable, transparent and cost-effective sourcing environment.

It uses machine learning methods to provide a “360° view” of supply chains, benchmarking suppliers globally and providing detailed analytics and evaluations of possible vendors.

Alpas leverages AI to extract relevant information from both online and offline sources, providing data-driven sourcing recommendations. These come vetted with a multi-layered, cross-verification system, which also assesses geopolitical and supplier-specific risks too.

Alpas’s global supplier database allows you to quickly research suppliers, search for products, or select product specs that fulfil your purchase requisition. It then enables you to contact them with the click of a button and handles the heavy lifting of the tendering process for you.

Their sweet spot is for spend related to industrial manufacturing businesses, with some heavy hitters from German and Swiss industry on their existing customer list.

By aiming to offer a deeper analysis and due diligence, they are distancing themselves from the broader and more shallow supplier scouting tools.

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11. Canopy

Canopy logo

Canopy is a supplier relationship management (SRM) and master data platform that aims to provide complete visibility of your suppliers’ information.

It achieves this by delivering a single source of truth for your supplier data and automating business processes.

With Canopy, you can pull all the data about a supplier into a Vendor Master Record. It includes everything from finance and contract data to compliance, risk, and ESG assessments. Canopy also facilitates proactive risk management, monitoring critical supplier data and alerting users of incidents or non-compliant activity.

Search tools let you see the entire population of supplier profiles that match your criteria. Canopy’s intelligent onboarding engine ensures that all suppliers are fully vetted and approved according to your specific governance framework.

Supplier profiles include performance reviews, enabling your stakeholders to leave ‘star-based’ feedback, giving a quick and easy subjective evaluation from users.

Canopy can be configured to meet your specific requirements, reflecting how your business is structured. The company also offers a tailored implementation service, regular business reviews, and a technical support desk.

Pricing is not disclosed on their website.


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12. carbmee

carbmee logo

carbmee is a Berlin-based enterprise software that helps companies to reduce their carbon footprint.

carbmee’s software leverages a wealth of enterprise data to give you transparency over your CO2 emissions at scope 1, scope 2, and scope 3. This enables automatic recommendations for reducing your business’s carbon emissions.

Your own data sources are easily integrated with carbmee to reduce manual work. carbmee also offers detailed tracking features to keep you on top of your carbon goals.

The datasets provided by carbmee allow you to understand the carbon impact of your value chain in detail. Users can break down carbon emission insights by category, allowing them to zoom in on products, suppliers, materials, transports or purchase orders.

carbmee’s collaboration features enable you to engage participants in your value chain within seconds. Together, you can share and integrate your primary data and easily request data from suppliers, team members, or customers.

Customer references are predominantly German automotive and industrial manufacturing businesses.

There is no pricing information currently shared on their website.


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13. Daato

Daato logo

Daato is a newcomer in the environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) tech space. They aim to help corporations efficiently comply with rapidly evolving ESG regulations in Europe through an integrated software platform.

Daato targets companies with complex supply chains and operations. It has gained credibility through partnerships with established companies like Cure Intelligence, Catena-X, and BNW Association.

The software is tailored for organisations struggling with fragmented and disjointed ESG compliance processes across carbon accounting, supply chain audits, taxonomy alignment, and sustainability reporting.

Daato consolidates these workflows into a unified platform.

Core capabilities include supply chain risk analysis to comply with laws like Germany’s LkSG, carbon footprint tracking, and reduction tools, EU taxonomy screening, and report generation per ESG disclosure standards like European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS).

The software integrates key frameworks to automate data collection, provide compliance checks, and reduce the manual effort around sustainability performance monitoring and disclosure.

By centralising ESG data flows and simplifying complex compliance tasks, Daato helps customers improve the quality and efficiency of their sustainability programmes.

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14. mysupply

mysupply logo

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mysupply is a small but growing German startup offering an automated tactical sourcing and negotiation platform.

It offers guided sourcing and negotiation strategies for non-strategic, one-time sourcing requirements. The platform can be used as a stand-alone system or as an extension to SAP Ariba.

By using AI to match incoming requests with suitable suppliers, it reduces the workload for buyers and intelligently bundles any demand together.

In addition, the platform also takes care of supplier research and offers comparisons by streamlining the process and visualising data.

When offers are collected, mysupply leverages game theory through an automated negotiation bot. This can fully automate the process to negotiate simple quotations. Busy procurement teams would typically not have the time or resources to deliver savings and cost avoidance on low value spend.

mysupply now enables this to be achieved, leveraging the power of additional value through the long tail of non-complex, previously unmanaged spend.


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15. Lhotse

Lhotse logo

Lhotse is a Berlin-based company offering procurement automation software focused on stakeholder experience. Its plug-and-play platform aims to simplify the intake process for users, and to automate tactical and tail spend workload for buyers.

Its aim is to automate any part of your procurement process that doesn’t call for human judgement.

By meeting users where they feel most comfortable, their software has an MS Teams chatbot and is able to fully integrate with existing SAP Ariba installations.

The software optimises non-strategic spend for enterprise organisations, and strives to ensure this spend is handled according to your procurement policies. This allows you to allocate more effort to more strategic tasks.

Additionally, Lhotse can collect competitive offers for you, enabling employees to choose the best conditions, and providing full spend transparency.

For tasks that can’t be automated, the software guides employees through end-to-end processes – spanning from request definition, right through to final offer selection.

There is no pricing information disclosed on their website.

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16. Vertice

Vertice logo

Vertice is a UK-based rapidly scaling young company, offering a SaaS purchasing and cloud cost optimisation platform.

It provides businesses with total visibility of their SaaS stack. This aims to provide finance leaders with cost control, efficiency and flexibility.

Vertice is designed with the needs of the mid-market in mind.

Use cases for Vertice include the following:

  • SaaS Spend Management – Allowing users to monitor and manage their entire SaaS stack.
  • SaaS Contract Negotiation – Enabling access to fair pricing when buying and renewing
  • SaaS Purchasing – Helping to streamline your purchasing and approvals processes.

The platform also boasts an extensive database. This covers over 16,000 different SaaS tools. Vertice’s commercial negotiators use the pricing insights from this database to negotiate on the user’s behalf.

Some pricing information is disclosed on their website and is based on different bands of spend.


Key Data:

  • Founder / CEO: Roy Tuvey
  • Date Founded: 2022
  • Visit Vertice profile in our Software Finder


17. Ivoflow

Ivoflow logo

Ivoflow is an intuitive AI-powered procurement software from Germany for manufacturing businesses. It’s tailored towards global procurement organisations in medium-to-large organisations.

Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, smart algorithms, and the latest software technology to analyse your procurement data, identify new cost-saving opportunities and fully prepare you for supplier negotiations – all automatically.

Features include:

  • AI-based analytics of all internal data and external market intelligence;
  • Automatic identification of new savings opportunities sorted by the highest impact;
  • Individual dashboards for everyone in your team to track KPI’s and strategic initiatives.

Ivoflow automatically identifies cost-saving opportunities – all presented in one neat dashboard.

Its project management tool is tailored to execute and track saving initiatives from start to finish. Its easy-to-understand interface ensures simple usability with no user training required.

Ivoflow also offers completely transparent pricing on their website, with a modular approach to their different offerings.

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18. Cesonia

Cesonia logo

Cesonia is a Munich based startup providing a data-driven, cross-company collaboration platform for sourcing, with a strong focus on automotive.

It streamlines collaboration between suppliers and partners, assisting the joint development of complex systems and products in product development and manufacturing.

Cesonia’s platform allows the integration, synchronisation and digitisation of individual business processes, helping to redesign interactions between independent parties.

Requirements Management features allow you to efficiently manage and validate complex product requirements and their dependencies, creating a single source of truth to reduce risk and errors.

Tender management features support highly flexible purchasing processes by using customised content and short feedback loops between all stakeholders.

Meanwhile, the platform’s collaboration network enables you to build efficient and reliable partner networks through the transparent and secure exchange and coordination of requirements.

Cesonia aims to bridge the gap between companies and their individual IT systems. This enables consistent workflow across all levels of a supply chain, and allows process-driven collaboration.


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19. ctrl+s

ctrl+s logo

ctrl+s is a Berlin-based sustainability software company that provides sustainable accounting solutions to help large corporations measure, analyse, and reduce their supply chain emissions.

Their typical customers are large multinational companies across the automotive, chemical, machinery, and logistics industries. Some of their clients include Bayer, Capgemini, and Bosch.

ctrl+s offers two complementary software products for supply chain carbon accounting.

matter+s provides a comprehensive emissions estimate for the full supply chain based on a company’s procurement records and spending.

supplier+s then surveys major suppliers to get accurate data for the top emission sources. supplier+s offers actionable insights by targeting the suppliers that matter most.

Used together, the two products equip sustainability teams with the comprehensive carbon footprint data they need.

Key features include:

  • supply chain mapping
  • carbon accounting
  • scenario modelling
  • risk analysis
  • target setting
  • progress tracking

matter+s provides a scalable overview, while supplier+s delivers the comparable, timely data needed to engage suppliers and guide reduction efforts.

The software aims to equip sustainability teams with the robust data they need by leveraging both statistical and survey data.

Key Data:

  • Founder / CEO: Moritz Nill
  • Date Founded: 2022
  • Visit ctrl+s profile in our Software Finder


20. Deployed

Deployed logo

tag for sourcing category

Deployed is a growing UK startup that focuses on Statement of Work drafting. Its collaborative SoW platform aims to make it simple to define, track and review work.

The application aims to bring a new way of writing and agreeing Statements of Work to Enterprise Clients.

The Deployed Work Author is an easy to use SaaS platform, giving you a simple way to justify, scope and agree services via digital Statements of Work.

Collaboration is built straight into the platform. Deployed enables you to easily share questions, sections and content within the Statement of Work directly with your team members and external service providers.

You can execute agreements with the platform, or publish to existing Source-to-Pay systems through Deployed’s modern APIs.

Additionally, you’re able to track work from idea to execution in one place with Deployed Insights and reporting functionality.

Their website does not provide any information regarding pricing structure.

Key Data:

  • Founder / CEO: Emma Rees
  • Date Founded: 2019
  • Visit Deployed profile in our Software Finder


21. Flowlity

Flowlity logo

Flowlity is a growing French startup providing an operations planning and inventory management solution for global buyers and manufacturers.

Their software allows you to make orders with planning and tracking for both suppliers and customers. It handles GROs and automatic order verification. Its planning tools give you visualised consumption predictions, control over replenishment plans, and automatic alerts on overstocks and shortages.

Additionally, Flowity’s demand-sensing algorithm provides powerful market predictions, while its network optimises the order process – strengthening supplier relationships through shared forecasts and easily acceptable orders. Also, they can help with supply chian visibility using their suppliers portal.

Flowlity’s machine learning algorithm is designed to give you easily understandable and reliable results with little need for training. It’s highly scalable, and identifies significant relationships on its own, calculating probabilities, and delivering safety-stock recommendations.


Key Data:


22. Forestreet

forestreet logo

Forestreet is a growth London-based startup offering a SaaS market intelligence and vendor discovery platform. It uses AI to identify every company within any market, broken down to product feature level.

The software allows you to capture 3-5 times the solutions compared to traditional research. You can replicate many years of research within hours or minutes, using advanced analytics, NLP, and machine learning to map and categorise markets in fine detail.

Forestreet enriches each company record with a composite of proprietary and external data to give a comprehensive picture. Meanwhile, 360° media monitoring uses machine learning to identify signals about companies to identify risk, momentum, sentiment, and their closest competitors which could be alternative solutions.

Insights are delivered in real-time, via intuitive visualisations .

Their software is aimed at large enterprises and does not have pricing disclosed on their website.


Key Data:


23. ProcurementFlow

procurementflow logo

ProcurementFlow is an Estonian procurement tech startup. Its simple, no code software aims to connect stakeholders and expedite the buying process. Their focus on more complex project procurement for one-time spend.

The company’s solution streamlines pre-PO and sourcing operations to maximise on time, quality and cost.

It offers tools for the entire S2P process, from organising workflows, managing requests and collaboration channels, to supplier relationship and contract management – all presented via an easy-to-use, intuitive design with drag & drop functions.

ProcurementFlow’s SRM tools allow for easy communication with potential and existing suppliers. It collects contracts, conditions, spend, quality incidents, past and planned events – all captured from a single source.

The platform offers simple, automated RFI/RFP/RFQ workflow, while predictive alerts notify you instantly of any process abnormalities, automatically capturing all updates and comments.

ProcurementFlow’s Supplier Portal moves communication with potential and existing suppliers out of personal inboxes, allowing suppliers to update their details on the platform, or use it to send out important updates.

Additionally, requisitions and approvals can be completed through ProcurementFlow’s mobile app – saving even more time for your purchasing team.

Pricing is transparent and there are four different pricing tiers, depending on number of users. The solution is primarily aimed at small and medium-sized procurement teams.


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24. akirolabs

akirolabs logo

akirolabs is an ambitious new AI-enabled enterprise-wide collaboration platform.

Intuitive collaboration workflow allows you to bring everyone together on one SaaS platform. From R&D and manufacturing, to sales and marketing, all stakeholders can collaborate smoothly, with full transparency and traceability.

akiro’s industry-proven 20+ point strategic procurement framework promises to consider all factors impacting your “procurement object”. It prioritises a particularly strong focus on future-proofing, adapting to the coming changes in how procurement will managed.

Their AI-driven market intelligence integrates both external and internal content into the strategy workflow, enabling data-driven decision making from a rich variety of sources.

All category strategies are stored and accessible in a cloud-based strategy library, creating a potentially infinite knowledge repository. Knowledge can be retained despite employee turnover or reorganisation.

No pricing is disclosed on their website, although the solution is primarily aimed at enterprise and the upper end of the mid-market.

Key Data:


25. Contingent

contingent logo

Contingent is an enterprise supplier risk assessment platform based in London.

It provides tools and services which help procurement, compliance and operations leaders to build resilience across supply chains – detecting, mapping and monitoring risk.

Contingent offers solutions for:

  • Supplier due diligence
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • Supply chain mapping
  • Operational resilience

The platform keeps external data from all your suppliers in one place. It collects data from thousands of sources across multiple insight domains, delivered into one platform – making it easier to assess new or existing suppliers.

Real-time updates allow you to proactively monitor your suppliers live, across your whole supply chain. You can also share supplier insights instantly – allowing you to react, engage strategically and collaborate with key stakeholders.

Contingent’s aim is to shift procurement from reactive supply chain risk management to proactive supply chain risk monitoring.

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Beyond European procurement startups

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