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Mithra AI Solutions is a young tech company based in Amsterdam. It offers a Cognitive Spend Intelligence solution. Mithra-AI learns your spend pattern and unique taxonomy. It keeps your spend cleansed and classified, while continually generating and revising strategies across categories. Mithra-AI enables users to:… Read More »Mithra-Ai


Axiom is UK-based startup offering an end to end sustainability platform. Founded by a team of procurement and sustainability specialists with a passion for saving the planet, Axiom provides a foundation for sustainable transformation. The platform was created to help UK businesses embrace sustainability –… Read More »Axiom


Corvolo is a global software company based in Toronto, Canada. It offers an ERP solution, Corvolo Connect. The software integrates with existing eProcurement platforms, allowing an automated purchasing experience. It enables transparency and approvals at every step of the buying process. Corvolo Connect is cloud-based,… Read More »Corvolo

Current SCM

Current SCM is a Canadian startup offering users a robust, flexible, project based procurement and materials management software. The platform allows you to control your most complex procurement and materials management projects easily with a single piece of software. Its Core Procurement features give you… Read More »Current SCM


MyPlan is a SaaS purchasing skills assessment and development solution. It allows users to plan their competence growth in purchasing, at both an individual and team level. Most training or consultancy projects neglect crucial success factors when implementing changes to working practices. MyPlan aims to… Read More »MyPlan

Pulse Market

Pulse Market is a small Dublin-based software company. It’s offering a cloud-based B2B procurement platform for organisations to seamlessly buy and sell services. Pulse Market’s focus is on supplier management, but the platform offers a range of solutions. Companies can create a Pulse Company Page:… Read More »Pulse Market

Part Analytics

Part Analytics is an AI-powered supply management platform. It automates direct materials sourcing, procurement and PLM processes. The AI-powered software assists you in finding available parts. It monitors market changes, and provides product cost, risk, savings & supply insights for everyone on your team. Part… Read More »Part Analytics

Forestreet Ltd

Forestreet is a small London-based company offering a SaaS market intelligence and vendor discovery platform for category strategy. It uses AI to identify every company within any market, broken down to product feature level. The software allows you to capture 3-5 times the solutions compared… Read More »Forestreet Ltd

Commodity Desk

Forecasty AI’s Commodity Desk is a Saas commodity forecasting platform. It offers a holistic overview of commodity prices and future trends, along with market simulations. It predicts prices using artificial intelligence and machine learning, along with alternative data, and tracking the historical performance of forecasts.… Read More »Commodity Desk

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