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How is Procurement Software better than G2 and Capterra?  

From time to time, I get asked whether what we’re doing at is the same as what G2 and Capterra are doing.

There are similarities of course, but also some very important factors which make us different.

I wanted to take a 5 minutes to explain to you how we’re different, and why I’m deeply convinced that our format beats both G2 and Capterra hands down.

What do Procurement Software, G2 and Capterra do?

Let’s start first with the basics and some of the similarities between all three.

Procurement Software, G2 and Capterra are all software comparison websites.

  • All three offer different features which allow the user to compare and contrast different types of procurement software products.
  • All three also offer the opportunity for the user to contact the software company for further info or to arrange a demo.
  • Each website is user friendly, with a modern design, easy to navigate and intuitive to use.

How is Procurement Software different?

That’s pretty much where the similarities end.

Although at first glance, all three websites are offering a similar service, the reality is actually quite different.

G2 and Capterra are very similar in their offerings. They both offer you a generic software search platform. Procurement is just one of hundreds of different categories of software that you can search.

On the other hand, is a unique platform, designed specifically with the tags and segmentation to guide experienced procurement and finance professionals through selection of industry-specific software in this niche.

As a user, you can easily do your first round of due diligence and shortlist procurement tools based on the categories and search criteria we have. You won’t need to look in detail on their websites or meet with the solutions provider until you‘re ready to explore pricing, technical questions or to view a demo.

What makes Procurement Software unique and better than G2 and Capterra? 

So, why does it make sense to use us for your initial research into procurement software platforms?

1. You can filter based on sub-categories

Are you really going to include SAP Ariba and Procurify in the same RFP for P2P software?

I think not. But G2 and Capterra include them in the same search because, well, they’re both digital procurement tools, right?

Well, yes, kind of.

But anyone with a smattering of procurement knowledge knows that comparing SAP Ariba and Procurify is a bit like saying Real Madrid and your local park Sunday football league team are the same.

Our USP is that we offer you categories, sub-categories and the ability to drill down your search to look at multiple different criteria.

You want contract management software that focuses on contract clause authoring and automated approval & signature? enables you to narrow your search down.

Or perhaps you just want to focus on solutions that cater to Enterprise, Mid-Market or SMEs.

Our tags also show you which other categories or features the software has, so as you can see at a glance which is the primary feature and what else it can also do.

2. Searches are much more relevant

But it doesn’t just stop there. Our software finder has additional search criteria that allow you to select the digital procurement tools that are targeting your size of business.

Enterprise software is useless to SMEs and mid-market, and we know that. You can’t afford it, it’s complicated to use and implementation takes months.

Likewise, software solutions with their customer support on the West Coast of the States aren’t much help to European users.

Or perhaps you want to partner with a startup to influence their product roadmap? Or the exact opposite – you need a mature solution with an established customer base?

We’ve got you covered. You can filter on all of that in just a few mouse clicks. Easy peasy.

3. We don’t operate a pay-to-play or pay-per-click model

G2 and Capterra operate a pay-per-click business model, where the highest bidder appears at the top of the searches. Think of it a bit like how Google ads appear at the top of search queries.

Except….they’re not playing fair and telling you it’s a paid placement. Google at least tells you it’s an ad. These folks don’t.

There’s nothing random about who appears at the top of their lists.

Now, we DO also offer sponsored content, but this is in the form of live software demos and podcasts. Like any website that’s free for the end user, we have to pay our bills. The difference is that we’re transparent about how we do it.

We also offer sponsored upgrades to individual software profiles to drive more enquiries and conversions. For example, if you see explainer videos, screenshots, click-through buttons, then the solution provider has taken a sponsored upgrade.

4. We don’t show reviews because they’re misleading

I wrote another article in detail about why we don’t publish software reviews.

If you don’t have time to read it, then the short answer is that buying procurement software is subjective, it’s impossible to verify the authenticity of the review, and implementation of procurement tools can fail through no fault of the procurement software provider.

Therefore, I see reviews as being a false flag.

If you’re buying email marketing automation software like Mailchimp, or social media automation software like Hootsuite, then yes, I can see how reviews can help. For procurement software, reviews are useless.

5. We’re a small, boutique business with no corporate influence

Capterra is wholly owned by Gartner since 2015.

G2 is privately owned, with significant VC backing, reaching unicorn status in 2021 with their Series D.

Procurement Software is completely self-funded with no outside investment. It means we can be more real, genuine and serve the procurement community – our core audience – with true passion.

I’m a former procurement pro myself and have seen with my own eyes how desperately this is needed. And that’s why I’m even more keen to get your thoughts and feedback if you think there are areas we could improve upon.

Thank you for taking the time to read what makes us unique!