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Contracts: Lifecycle Management (CLM)

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SimpliContract is a SaaS-based, AI-powered end-to-end enterprise contract authoring and lifecycle management platform. Contract authoring features enable you to democratise and accelerate contract authoring with standardised templates,  dynamic approval workflows, and automated deviation and version tracking. Its CLM Platform helps organisations accelerate revenue, reduce risk,… Read More »SimpliContract

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CobbleStone Contract Insight

CobbleStone Contract Insight® contract management software is an Enterprise Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) system selected by thousands of contract admin, legal, and procurement professionals. It offers a user-friendly software solution for managing the entire source to contract process. CobbleStone Contract Insight is an AI-enabled platform… Read More »CobbleStone Contract Insight


Vendorful is a small US-based software business offering digital procurement solution that sits somewhere in the middle between best-of-breed and complete source-to-contract (S2C) suite. The solution offers several complementary modules, but aims to cover each of these comprehensively rather than offering a complete suite of… Read More »Vendorful


Terzo is a vendor relationship platform focusing on contract lifecycle management (CLM). It aims to address the challenges of complex vendor ecosystems by offering a CRM-like platform built for buyers, instead of sellers. Positioning itself as “the world’s first VRM platform that transforms vendors into… Read More »Terzo


SirionLabs is a rapidly growing US-based SaaS business offering a comprehensive contract lifecycle management (CLM) platform. SirionOne, SirionLabs’s highly configurable contracting platform, is powered by intelligence uniquely connected across the complete contract lifecycle. It brings all enterprise teams together to author stronger agreements, manage risk… Read More »SirionLabs


Portt is an Australian and New Zealand based business providing automation for sourcing and contract management. Portt’s Core platform provides workflow automation for procurement, contract lifecycle management, strategic sourcing, and obligation & milestone management. Portt’s Discover platform streamlines supplier management, including onboarding, supply chain risk… Read More »Portt


Procoto is a self-service procurement solution for small and mid-sized businesses. Its software is designed as a lower-cost, user-friendly alternative to enterprise-level procurement platforms. Procoto offers solutions for strategic sourcing, workflow approvals, RFP management, smart databasing and data transformation. It seeks to solves the unique… Read More »Procoto


Onit provides contract lifecycle management (CLM) software for legal, compliance, sales, IT, HR and finance departments. With a focus on enterprise legal management, matter management, legal spend management, contract lifecycle management and legal holds, Onit operates worldwide to help global companies and billion-dollar legal departments… Read More »Onit


Icertis is a large US company focusing on high-end contract lifecycle management (CLM) software. The firm offers an all-round CLM solution. This helps to streamline processing, enhances communication between departments, ensures contract compliance, and extracts, stores, and analyses data. The Contract Management Platform itself drives… Read More »Icertis

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