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Contracts: Repository

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Krinati Solutions

Krinati offers an e-sourcing solution that leverages knowledge management and team collaboration. It automates the entire sourcing cycle, improves compliance and transparency, reduces cycle times, enhances teamwork, and promises a near-immediate return on investment. With inputs from consulting organisations, procurement leaders, and suppliers, Krinati’s sourcing,… Read More »Krinati Solutions

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Hivebuy is a growing SaaS company based in Berlin, offering process optimisation solution for small and medium-sized companies. It supports them in budgeting, requesting, and ordering articles and services for their business, while benefiting from better purchasing conditions. The software relies on an intuitively designed… Read More »Hivebuy


Trackado develops contract management software, designed to help you manage the full contract lifecycle. It serves a wide range of industries and customers – typically those replacing Excel or legacy systems with standardised contract management. Trackado includes a centralised document repository, giving you a complete… Read More »Trackado

Raindrop Systems Inc

Raindrop Systems Inc is a large US enterprise providing Source to Contract software solutions and professional procurement services. Its platform leverages ML and AI to ensure visibility and control of spend. It also automates the procurement workflow and is easy to implement. The company aims… Read More »Raindrop Systems Inc


Robobai is an Australian company providing an end-to-end procurement solution with focus on intelligence and strategic planning, and supplier relationship management. Its KYS360 (Know Your Supplier) solution provides a 360-degree overview of data, while being able to integrate with ERP, PO, and tendering systems. It… Read More »Robobai

Process Unity

ProcessUnity creates vendor risk management and cybersecurity software. It protects corporate brands by reducing digital risks, as well as risk from third parties, vendors and suppliers. The software supports small companies just getting started with vendor risk, and large enterprises with complex program requirements. Its… Read More »Process Unity


Procol is a fast-growing Indian procurement technology company, offering intelligent software with a focus on eSRM, e-Sourcing and spend analytics. Procol’s Smart eSourcing centralises all of your requests by moving sourcing activity out of email inboxes, streamlining request management and creating structured data. It allows… Read More »Procol


ProcurePort is a well established, mid-sized US enterprise providing a full stack e-sourcing software platform. Its platform allows for reverse auctions, automated RFP-RFI-RFQ, PR, and P2P processes, contract management, as well as spend analysis. Furthermore, ProcurePort offers custom auction SaaS solutions. ProcurePort also offers specialist… Read More »ProcurePort


LeanLinking is a small Danish startup providing supplier relationship management platform. The solution digitises supplier pre-qualification, onboarding, contract management, delivery and quality performance tracking, relationships management, scorecarding, data sharing and collaboration, project planning, and self-assessments. The focus is on ongoing supplier collaboration and incorporating stakeholder… Read More »LeanLinking

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