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Cost Estimation

Part Analytics

Part Analytics is an AI-powered supply management platform. It automates direct materials sourcing, procurement and PLM processes. The AI-powered software assists you in finding available parts. It monitors market changes, and provides product cost, risk, savings & supply insights for everyone on your team. Part… Read More »Part Analytics

Commodity Desk

Forecasty AI’s Commodity Desk is a Saas commodity forecasting platform. It offers a holistic overview of commodity prices and future trends, along with market simulations. It predicts prices using artificial intelligence and machine learning, along with alternative data, and tracking the historical performance of forecasts.… Read More »Commodity Desk

ChAI logo


ChAI leverages Artificial Intelligence techniques on Alternative Data in order to forecast commodity prices – helping companies to reduce their operating costs and manage commodities price risk. The software enables purchasing managers, vendors, and CFOs to exercise forward-looking control of their materials price risk –… Read More »ChAI

WTP Buynamics

WTP Buynamics (WTP stands for What’s The Price?), based in the Netherlands, has developed a software product that makes a should cost solution possible through insights into the cost price and the (history of) commodity prices of any product within five minutes. This in turn… Read More »WTP Buynamics


LevaData is a large US-based software company. It helps global enterprises reduce supply chain costs, with a focus on delivering measurable supply chain solutions and strategies. Its Cognitive Supply Management platform analyses procurement objectives alongside real-time market activity to generate predictions. The AI-powered system is… Read More »LevaData

Lhotse Analytics

Lhotse Analytics is an intuitive AI-powered procurement software for manufacturing businesses, tailored for global procurement organisations in medium-to-large organisations. It leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence, smart algorithms, and the latest software technology to analyse your procurement data, identify new cost-saving opportunities and fully prepare… Read More »Lhotse Analytics


Makersite is a software and data technology company, providing product intelligence to ensure that ESG and compliance requirements are met. The platform helps manufacturing companies, from SME to large corporations, manage product data across their business. It does this by supporting decision-making through integrated views… Read More »Makersite


GenLots is a Swiss startup that provides a machine learning (ML) software solution delivering the opportunity to automate part of the direct materials scheduling and operations planning process. Their main solution is the order planner, allowing for easier and more efficient industrial procurement orders. GenLots’… Read More »GenLots


Covalyze is a small German business offering a solution that focuses on procurement price analytics. It allows buyers to identify cost savings and succeed in price negotiations faster, without the need for deep commodity knowledge. It features several modules that ensure optimal parts procurement, with… Read More »Covalyze

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