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ESG: Supplier Audit


TransparencyOne is a complete platform helping global businesses meet consumer demand for safe, sustainable, and responsibly sourced products through material traceability. The platform aims to assist companies in tracing their supply chain network – increasing supplier engagement, and ensuring compliant, responsible sourcing. This helps lead… Read More »TransparencyOne

The Savings iD

The Savings iD is a small Swiss-based software solution which offers a savings identification process through a survey they have developed to assess the maturity of an organisation’s management of its indirect spend. This enables them to identify where savings opportunities may be located within… Read More »The Savings iD

Kodiak Hub

Kodiak Hub is a growing startup based in Sweden that offers an ecosystem of supplier relationship management apps. These assist with management of supplier information by improving supplier insights, providing business intelligence, and enhancing buyer-supplier innovation. These all help to drive supply chain impact. Their… Read More »Kodiak Hub

Chain Point

ChainPoint is a software platform for monitoring and securing supply chains. ChainPoint formerly operated under the name ChainFood, so there’s a historic focus on the food retail sector here. However, these days, ChainPoint serves businesses of all kinds. A standard-yet-flexible, fully scalable, cloud-based platform offers… Read More »Chain Point

Audit Comply

AuditComply is a SaaS based enterprise risk and compliance management platform working in multiple industries, including food, manufacturing, healthcare, financial services and the automotive sector. AuditComply offers a comprehensive, integrated and flexible platform for organizations to implement complex assessment methodologies, through both a desktop and… Read More »Audit Comply

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