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TradeCentric (formerly PunchOut2Go) automates B2B trade through a single integration platform, enabling PunchOut, Purchase Order and Invoice Automation for thousands of buyers and sellers every day. Uniquely positioned at the intersection of eCommerce and eProcurement, TradeCentric helps B2B buyers and sellers connect, automate and scale… Read More »TradeCentric


Corvolo is a global software company based in Toronto, Canada. It offers an ERP solution, Corvolo Connect. The software integrates with existing eProcurement platforms, allowing an automated purchasing experience. It enables transparency and approvals at every step of the buying process. Corvolo Connect is cloud-based,… Read More »Corvolo


MyPlan is a SaaS purchasing skills assessment and development solution. It allows users to plan their competence growth in purchasing, at both an individual and team level. Most training or consultancy projects neglect crucial success factors when implementing changes to working practices. MyPlan aims to… Read More »MyPlan

Agri Networking Tools

Agri Networking Tools is a small Italian business offering a B2B platform for agricultural, semi-finished and finished products. The platform prioritises transparency as an absolute market value, aiming to offer the most transparent B2B platform available for agri-food products. It enables users to sell and… Read More »Agri Networking Tools

requis logo


The Requis platform digitises RFX (RFI, RFP, RFQ), supplier and contractor management and vendor onboarding. It helps businesses achieve better results in procurement, asset management, and disposition of capital machinery and equipment. Designed around crowdsourcing vendors, and centred on diversity and sustainability, the Requis platform… Read More »Requis

Paxly logo


PAXLY is a packaging procurement platform chiefly serving the German market. As a B2B supplier of cardboard and individual corrugated packaging, it enables you to digitally optimise, tender and manage your packaging processes. The platform handles your framework contract management, approval processes and delivery schedules… Read More »PAXLY


trueLedger is a contract to invoice platform.   With its unique Computed Contracting platform, trueLedger empowers your company to effectively steer external teams and track their progress.  This allows you to focus on the actual work that needs to be done, not governance efforts. The platform… Read More »trueLedger

collaborative fm

Collaborative Insight

Collaborative FM is a facilities management software, which seeks to enable collaboration in one platform. Offering features such as quote comparison, proof of delivery, and supplier integration, this software aims to reduce your operating costs and analyse the performance of your suppliers to ensure a… Read More »Collaborative Insight


Zumen is a Cloud-based Source-to-Pay procurement software for manufacturing companies, headquartered in California. It enables companies to digitise their direct sourcing and procurement, and manage every detail of the process in a transparent, collaborative platform.  With Zumen’s part life cycle management, BOM interface, supplier base… Read More »Zumen

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