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Frankfurt-based developer Crossinx offers solutions for e-procurement, e-invoicing, EDI and supply chain finance. Its products and services are scalable and flexible, with solutions for businesses of all sizes – from freelancers to large enterprises. Crossinx’s e-invoicing solution offers simple, fast implementation for electronic invoice processing… Read More »crossinx


Orbweaver is a small US-based data integration and automation company. It offers solutions which enable the digital supply chain by automating data exchange. Orbweaver’s flagship DataHub platform is an integration tool that connects you to your customers, suppliers and data providers. It automates key supply… Read More »Orbweaver


ORO is a medium-sized company based in California. Its software platform offers procurement solutions for financial services, life sciences and manufacturing. ORO’s simple, self-driving experience is built for employees to work effectively and efficiently with procurement and stakeholders. Whether you’re purchasing software, services, equipment or… Read More »ORO

Pulse Market

Pulse Market is a small Dublin-based software company. It’s offering a cloud-based B2B procurement platform for organisations to seamlessly buy and sell services. Pulse Market’s focus is on supplier management, but the platform offers a range of solutions. Companies can create a Pulse Company Page:… Read More »Pulse Market


Procuros is a B2B transaction automation solution which facilitates automated process flow. With Procuros, businesses of all stages can easily connect with their partners. The software turns manual B2B transactions into transparent, automated workflows. Users can integrate and automate all their B2B connections and transactions… Read More »Procuros


Workist creates process automation technology, providing AI-powered business automation for document-heavy processes. Workist’s products are available in Basic, Professional, and Enterprise tiers, serving small businesses, medium sized companies, and large enterprises respectively. They offer solutions for sales order entry and order confirmation checks, all thanks… Read More »Workist


xSuite develops software applications for document-based process automation. It uses globally standardised digital solutions and simple workflows to automate your purchasing, accounts payable and ordering procedures – as well as providing file management and archiving products. xSuite’s motto is “Cloud first, but not Cloud only”,… Read More »xSuite

Buyer by Yaydoo

Buyer by Yaydoo is a solution for optimizing business purchases, an efficient, agile and secure platform for the automation of purchases, offering comprehensive solutions such as executives reports, centralization of communication with suppliers, request for quotes; definition of approval policies and budgets by projects and… Read More »Buyer by Yaydoo

Tradecloud One

Tradecloud One is a small Dutch SaaS company focusing on supply chain transparency for wholesale and manufacturing businesses. The cloud based solution offers B2B collaboration in the cloud, whether this is with or without an ERP integration. It aims to connect transactional processes between buyers,… Read More »Tradecloud One

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