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IDAS assist order tracking thanks to real time PO visibility within the system. The software’s supplier collaboration tools provide intelligent technology allowing you to create a holistic work system between suppliers. It enables greater efficiency by providing real-time communication of orders and enabling visibility and… Read More »IDAS.AI


Suppeco is a cloud native, AI-driven project collaboration platform. It aims to enable any company, in any industry, to optimise their customer-supplier ecosystems to drive innovation and growth. Suppecot’s SaaS subscription model scales to meet the needs of your company, whether it’s a global enterprise… Read More »suppeco


Tacto develops an intuitive, data-driven, and automated approach to project collaboration in procurement for medium-sized industrial enterprises. It offers solutions for vendor management, sourcing, and productivity. Tacto allows you to analyse all your data instantly and share it with your team in a simple and… Read More »Tacto


Ravacan is a small but growing US-based SaaS business providing an operations planning and supplier management automation solution for direct spend. Their platform also offers thorough spend intelligence, allowing for in-depth strategic sourcing. It is optimised for sourcing raw materials and purchased parts in manufacturing… Read More »Ravacan

Per Angusta

Per Angusta is a growing and expanding company providing a procurement performance tracking solution. Per Angusta’s platform sorts and prioritises sourcing projects based on value and risk. It also identifies risks and opportunities for a company, including supplier risks and contract expiry dates. The platform… Read More »Per Angusta


ProcurementFlow is an Estonian procurement tech provider. Its software aims to connect stakeholders and expedite the buying process, with focus on more complex project procurement for one-time spend. The company’s solution streamlines pre-PO and sourcing operations to maximise on time, quality and cost. It offers… Read More »ProcurementFlow

Focal Point

Focal Point Procurement is a small US-based firm that provides software to assist and to measure the day-to-day procurement performance management. Their product manages overall procurement performance, categories, and risk. It tracks all aspects of the process, providing: An overview of, and allowing the user… Read More »Focal Point


Cesonia is a Munich based startup providing a data-driven, cross-company collaboration platform for sourcing. It streamlines collaboration between suppliers and partners, assisting the joint development of complex systems and products in product development and manufacturing. Cesonia’s platform allows the integration, synchronisation and digitization of individual… Read More »cesonia


Acada is a small, London-based procurement software firm. Their solution focuses on procurement project collaboration. Their software (‘digital procurement workspace’) is almost entirely aimed at increasing a procurement’s team productivity. It boasts ‘visibility, productivity, foresight’ and more concretely it seems to ease real-time team communication,… Read More »Acada

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