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Vendorplace by Yaydoo

Vendorplace by Yaydoo is a business solution for the optimisation of the accounts payable process for SMEs. With innovative, efficient, and agile solutions, we offer comprehensive solutions such as programming reminders, multiple payment methods, issuance of invoices and automatic reconciliation, optimising accounting and administrative processes.… Read More »Vendorplace by Yaydoo


Linkana is a supplier management software that approves, registers, and evaluates suppliers quickly and without bureaucracy.  It aims to enable cost and risk reduction through leveraging artificial intelligence, giving you control of supply decisions in a secure and integrated manner.  Smart supplier management features automatically… Read More »Linkana

Buyer by Yaydoo

Buyer by Yaydoo is a solution for optimizing business purchases, an efficient, agile and secure platform for the automation of purchases, offering comprehensive solutions such as executives reports, centralization of communication with suppliers, request for quotes; definition of approval policies and budgets by projects and… Read More »Buyer by Yaydoo

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