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Mid-Market: from $25m to $1 billion


Frankfurt-based developer Crossinx offers solutions for e-procurement, e-invoicing, EDI and supply chain finance. Its products and services are scalable and flexible, with solutions for businesses of all sizes – from freelancers to large enterprises. Crossinx’s e-invoicing solution offers simple, fast implementation for electronic invoice processing… Read More »crossinx


Orbweaver is a small US-based data integration and automation company. It offers solutions which enable the digital supply chain by automating data exchange. Orbweaver’s flagship DataHub platform is an integration tool that connects you to your customers, suppliers and data providers. It automates key supply… Read More »Orbweaver


Mithra AI Solutions is a young tech company based in Amsterdam. It offers a Cognitive Spend Intelligence solution. Mithra-AI learns your spend pattern and unique taxonomy. It keeps your spend cleansed and classified, while continually generating and revising strategies across categories. Mithra-AI enables users to:… Read More »Mithra-Ai


TradeCentric (formerly PunchOut2Go) automates B2B trade through a single integration platform, enabling PunchOut, Purchase Order and Invoice Automation for thousands of buyers and sellers every day. Uniquely positioned at the intersection of eCommerce and eProcurement, TradeCentric helps B2B buyers and sellers connect, automate and scale… Read More »TradeCentric


Axiom is UK-based startup offering an end to end sustainability platform. Founded by a team of procurement and sustainability specialists with a passion for saving the planet, Axiom provides a foundation for sustainable transformation. The platform was created to help UK businesses embrace sustainability –… Read More »Axiom


ORO is a medium-sized company based in California. Its software platform offers procurement solutions for financial services, life sciences and manufacturing. ORO’s simple, self-driving experience is built for employees to work effectively and efficiently with procurement and stakeholders. Whether you’re purchasing software, services, equipment or… Read More »ORO


Corvolo is a global software company based in Toronto, Canada. It offers an ERP solution, Corvolo Connect. The software integrates with existing eProcurement platforms, allowing an automated purchasing experience. It enables transparency and approvals at every step of the buying process. Corvolo Connect is cloud-based,… Read More »Corvolo

Current SCM

Current SCM is a Canadian startup offering users a robust, flexible, project based procurement and materials management software. The platform allows you to control your most complex procurement and materials management projects easily with a single piece of software. Its Core Procurement features give you… Read More »Current SCM


Founded in 2001, Promena is based in Turkey and offers an end-to-end digital procurement solution with its primary focus as an e-sourcing platform. The Promena platform brings together a number of products. These include SRM, Quick RFQ, Auction Management and e-procurement. Promena’s Request Management enables… Read More »Promena

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