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B2B platforms have been around for a while, but have traditionally been more successful as collaboration platforms for sourcing goods rather than services.

We take a look at the current landscape for B2B collaboration, from traditional Google searches and using social media such as LinkedIn, right the way through to more focused supplier networks aimed at procurement professionals.

There are certain flaws in all of them, and none have become a dominant go-to platform.

Jason explores the evolution of B2B platforms, as well as explaining some of the flaws of traditional supplier search techniques.

As a passionate supporter of supplier diversity, Jason also explains how Kaleida has found a specific place in a crowded marketplace.

The platform ensures that buyers can search and discover diverse suppliers to invite to tender requirements they may have.

I finish off the show by asking Jason where he thinks the direction of travel will be for B2B collaboration platforms in 3-5 years time, and what developments he sees in this space in future.


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