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Freight Sourcing – Pieter Kinds from Freightender

  • 3 min read

Joining me on this week’s podcast is Pieter Kinds from TenderTool.

TenderTool is a freight sourcing platform with a difference. Pieter claims that both buyers and freight forwarders alike see the benefits of using such a tool.

If you’ve tried to source freight using a traditional provider of e-sourcing software (like I have), you’ll soon realise that these tools are not well equipped for transportation tenders.

Below are some of the highlights from the podcast.

Note: Since recording this episode, TenderTool rebranded as Freightender. I have retained TenderTool in the notes just for consistency. The website link at the bottom, however, links to the Freightender website.


Series 1, Episode 1: TenderTool – The specialist digital platform that makes freight sourcing easier


Pieter explains how his sales background in the freight industry inspired him to create TenderTool.


Combatting the scourge of Excel-based tenders and how TenderTool can do the spade work for you, alleviating the common frustrations with using spreadsheets.


Why is sourcing transportation different from regular e-tenders for other categories? What makes it exceptional? Pieter explains some of the complexities of sourcing freight and why it’s difficult to get good RFP data from using a more traditional “one-size-fits-all” e-sourcing tool.


I ask Pieter to explain some of the most common mistakes he comes across when Procurement departments conduct freight tenders. His answer wasn’t what I expected…!


A useful insight into how forwarders react to tenders, and some of the criteria they use when making the decisions around which buyers to respond do. (Clue – if your data is poor or vague, you’ll get fewer responses!)


Handling spot rates vs. fixed rate cards


Dealing with driver shortages. Pieter gives his insights on the changing dynamics of the road freight industry in Europe and how, after a long period of it being very much a buyer’s market, this may now be coming to an end.


Why regardless of the category of spend, people want to do business with other people, even in a relatively commoditised service such as transportation vendors.


Can buyers and vendors ever reach the point where they both enjoy using the same e-sourcing platform?


Why technology helps BOTH parties to be more efficient and productive, and why it shouldn’t just be seen as a tool that’s unequivocally biased towards the benefit of the buyer.


I ask Pieter finally about his plans to grow TenderTool and their immediate next developments.

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