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How to get ROI on Digital Transformation – Oliver Jones from Procure4

  • 2 min read

This week on The Procurement Software Podcast, host James Meads brings on guest Oliver Jones from Procure4, a UK-based procurement consultancy known for their focus on the mid-market and being solution agnostic.

Oliver shares insights and tips for effective procurement tech implementation, offering a unique perspective on the process.

Tune in to gain valuable knowledge on driving successful technology adoption in procurement.

How to get ROI on digital procurement transformation

In this episode, Oliver underscores the importance of communication and managing expectations during procurement technology implementation. He emphasises clear initial communication about the necessity for automation to improve supply performance, transparency, and visibility, aiding smoother stakeholder onboarding.

Oliver advocates for a phased, wave-based approach, promoting agility and continuous improvement through feedback. He highlights the need for diverse training formats like quick reference guides, drop-in sessions, and interactive workshops to boost user adoption.

Proper data management, including data cleansing and taxonomy creation, ensures accurate reporting and informed decision-making. The hypercare phase involves live usage, immediate assistance, and ongoing support, fostering continuous learning and proficiency. Establishing governance structures and appointing super users enhances this process.

Overall, the episode highlights key strategies for effective procurement technology implementation, driving long-term value and stakeholder buy-in.


[00:01:54] Procure4’s Approach and Market Perspective
[00:05:26] Defining ROI in procurement tech.
[00:08:33] Building stakeholder relationships for success.
[00:11:58] Lazy approach to technology implementation.
[00:14:20] Commercial illiteracy in procurement.
[00:19:50] Potential banana skins during implementation.
[00:23:44] Data’s role in process improvement.
[00:26:13] Ensuring good post-implementation practices.
[00:27:37] Utilising hypercare for software launch.
[00:32:09] Favourite guilty pleasure.

And that wraps up another episode of The Procurement Software Podcast!

Thanks to Oliver for sharing his insights with us today, and thank you again for listening. We’ll be back at the same time next week, so see you there.

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