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Procurement often gets a bad rap in organisations because we’re seen as only going after cost savings and expense reduction.

There’s a valid reason for that.

Often, procurement only (or chiefly) gets measured on cost savings. It’s natural that hitting what you’re measured on becomes the top priority.

This is slowly, but evidently, changing.

Richard Nixon from tech platform Per Angusta is my guest on this episode.

We discuss how procurement is more and more seen as being a provider of wider value through the different touch points we have into the business, and the front line role we have in steering relationships with external vendors.

We dig into how we can consider wider value delivered by procurement in the following areas:

  • Sustainability and its direct impact on the brand, customer and bottom line through energy savings.
  • Work hours saved through elimination or automation of cumbersome administrative processes, freeing up employees’ time.
  • Profit maximisation, delivered through the total asset or package which can be sold to the end customer.
  • Total lifetime cost of operation for physical assets
  • Risk management and supply chain resilience, and how it can actually translate into savings rather than cost increases.


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