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Hands up…how many of you actually knew what procurement was when you went through school or university?

I didn’t, until I did a summer job as buying assistant. And it seems that I’m in the majority. Not many careers advisors recommend a career in procurement.

So, attracting recent graduates and younger members of the workforce into our profession should surely

We cover why the Proctopus community set up ProcGenesis and what it aims to achieve as an extra “tentacle” of the network.

How is procurement perceived in certain different countries from Courtney, Shazia and James’ experiences?

What can established industry bodies and groups do to attract more millennials and Gen Z attendees to their events? And what dangers are lurking out there as obstacles for these younger professionals to successfully establish themselves as procurement pros?

For any employers listening, the unique skills that the workplace can gain from the first mobile internet and social media generation will be particularly insightful.

We’ve opened the lid on what makes younger professionals tick and how companies can make themselves the employer of choice.


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