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The 25 Hottest European Procurement Tech Startups

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On this episode of The Procurement Software Podcast, host James Meads dives into the world of procurement tech startups. With over 440 solutions in our software directory over at, we aim to educate procurement leaders on the vast array of software options available to them.

There’s so much more out there than just the tired, legacy technology that seems to sponsor all of the conferences.

Highlighting 25 innovative European-based procurement startups, the episode provides valuable insights into emerging players who don’t necessarily have the marketing presence and events budget of larger companies.

Tune in to discover how these startups are shaping the future of digital procurement.

The 25 Hottest European Procurement Tech Startups

In this episode, we spotlight 25 of the hottest European procurement tech startups.

We explore:

  1. Apadua offers AI-powered sourcing solutions for professional services.
  2. SpendKey simplifies spend analytics and contract data extraction with advanced machine learning capabilities.
  3. Weproc is a SaaS eProcurement platform for SMEs, focused on user experience.
  4. Mithra AI provides cognitive spend intelligence for mid-market businesses.
  5. SpareTech delivers spare parts and MRO procurement management.
  6. Thinking Machine automates telecoms procurement using machine learning.
  7. TrueLedger manages real-time contract evaluation and management for professional services.
  8. PivotApp is a cloud-based platform for procurement intake and spend management targeting growing tech companies and mid-market businesses.
  9. DigiProc automates supplier negotiations for tactical and tail spend.
  10. Alpas AI offers AI-driven supplier discovery and sourcing.
  11. Canopy provides comprehensive vendor master data management.
  12. Carbmee helps reduce carbon footprint through emissions analytics.
  13. Daato consolidates ESG compliance and sustainability reporting.
  14. MySupply offers AI-driven tactical sourcing and negotiation.
  15. Lhotse automates procurement with MS Teams integration.
  16. Vertice optimises SaaS procurement and cloud costs.
  17. ivoflow provides AI-powered analytics for procurement in manufacturing businesses.
  18. Supplios manages supplier relationships for direct spend.
  19. Ctrl+s delivers sustainability and carbon tracking solutions for supply chain emissions.
  20. Deployed simplifies drafting and managing statements of work.
  21. Flowlity offers operations planning and inventory management.
  22. forestreet delivers AI-powered market intelligence and vendor discovery.
  23. ProcurementFlow provides no-code software for stakeholder collaboration.
  24. akirolabs enables enterprise-wide category strategy collaboration with AI-driven insights.
  25. Contingent assesses supplier risk and builds supply chain resilience.

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