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How to Transition to a Role in Procuretech – Andrew Daley from EdburyDaley

  • 3 min read

In this episode of the Procurement Software Podcast, we welcome back Andrew Daly, a partner at specialist recruitment firm Edbury Daley.

Andrew previously joined us on Episode 11 back in May to discuss digital skills. Today, we delve into how procurement professionals can transition into careers in procurement technology.

Many procurement pros feel burnt out. So, let’s explore how you can leverage your skills in a less stressful, and probably more rewarding role within the procurement tech space.

Andrew emphasises the importance of educating oneself about digital tools and becoming a “super user” to stand out to potential employers. He also highlights the value of transferable skills such as relationship management, commercial acumen, and an entrepreneurial mindset.

We discuss the types of roles that might suit different personality traits, from customer success and sales to product management and implementation. Andrew notes that while younger professionals in their late 20s to early 30s might find it easier to make this transition, mindset and adaptability are crucial at any age.

We also touch on the potential risks and rewards of joining a startup versus a more established company. Andrew advises doing thorough due diligence on any prospective employer, especially in terms of leadership credibility and company culture.

Episode Timestamps

00:02:17 – Andrew Daly’s Background and Expertise
00:03:38 – Core Transferable Skills for Procurement Tech
00:06:15 – Entrepreneurial Skills and Side Hustles
00:08:03 – Personality Traits for Sales and Customer Success Roles
00:09:04 – Personality Traits and Role Suitability
00:10:14 – Modern Sales Skills and Processes
00:11:39 – Types of Procurement Professionals
00:13:34 – Roles for Process and Compliance-Driven Individuals
00:14:56 – Ideal Career Transition Timing
00:17:01 – Senior Procurement Leaders Transitioning to Advisory Roles
00:17:34 – Watchouts When Joining a Procurement Tech Company
00:19:37 – Career Progression in Startups vs. Large Corporates
00:21:04 – Wearing Multiple Hats in Startups
00:23:33 – Learning from Mistakes


To wrap up, we have a quick-fire round where Andrew shares his love for Ibiza and his guilty pleasure of staying out late in nightclubs. For those interested in learning more or seeking career advice, Andrew recommends connecting on LinkedIn or checking out the Edbury Daley YouTube channel.

If you’re considering a move into procurement tech, this episode is packed with valuable insights and practical advice to help you navigate the transition.