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Will AI-powered procurement tools make our roles irrelevant?

  • 2 min read

In this episode of The Procurement Software Podcast, host James Meads delves into the topic of whether AI could make procurement as a profession irrelevant.

The discussion highlights the significance of embracing generative AI, despite privacy and confidentiality concerns.

Tune in to stay ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of procurement technology.

What impact will AI in procurement have on jobs?

This podcast episode delves into the significant impact of generative AI technologies like ChatGPT on the procurement sector, particularly in automating routine tasks traditionally managed by procurement personnel.

It highlights the efficiency gains from AI in drafting legal documents and managing transactional activities, which could make certain roles obsolete.

The discussion points out the risk for organizations that lag in adopting AI, potentially losing a competitive edge and failing to attract skilled professionals.

Despite AI’s advancements, the episode emphasizes the enduring importance of human skills in strategic procurement areas where AI cannot replicate the nuanced human touch, such as in stakeholder management and supplier relationships.

The future of procurement is envisioned as more strategic, with professionals focusing on value-added activities, supported by AI for routine tasks. Procurement professionals are advised to enhance their soft skills and strategic capabilities, in order to remain relevant in this evolving AI-driven landscape.


[00:01:44] The Role of Generative AI in Procurement
[00:02:49] AI’s Influence on Recruitment and Efficiency
[00:04:37] Real-world Application of ChatGPT in Procurement
[00:05:52] The Future of Procurement Technology
[00:06:14] AI’s Effect on Tactical and Operational Procurement
[00:10:55] Human Element in Strategic Procurement
[00:11:18] The Future of Procurement Roles
[00:12:21] Career Development in the Age of AI
[00:14:30] The Return of Administrative Roles
[00:15:43] Final Thoughts on AI and Procurement

And that wraps up another episode of The Procurement Software Podcast!

Thanks for listening. We’ll be back at the same time next week, so see you there.

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