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Alpas AI

FOUNDED : 2020

LOCATION : Europe, Germany

TEAM SIZE : 2-10




Core functionality
Supplier Scouting
Additional functionality
Process Automation

Alpas AI is a sourcing intelligence platform for the procurement and product development departments of mid to large manufacturing companies.

Working together with manufacturers, Alpas aims to create a more sustainable, transparent and cost-effective sourcing environment.

It uses machine learning methods to provide a “360° view” of supply chains, benchmarking suppliers globally and providing detailed analytics and evaluations. Alpas leverages AI to extract relevant information from both online and offline sources, providing data-driven sourcing recommendations, vetted with a multi-layered cross-verification system, which also assesses geopolitical and supplier-specific risks.

Alpas’s global supplier database allows you to quickly research suppliers, search for products, or select product specs that fulfil your purchase requisition.

Once you’ve researched and compared suppliers, Alpas enables you to contact them with the click of a button and handles the heavy lifting of the tendering process for you – while still allowing you to monitor and control the process at any time.

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