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Core functionality
SaaS Procurement
Additional functionality
Niche Category Specific

Cleverspend automates SaaS SaaS procurement and renewal for high growth companies, helping finance teams to manage and buy software faster at better prices.

Cleverspend’s dashboard identifies software your company is overpaying for and negotiates the purchase of better solutions for you, as well as finding redundant purchases and identifying other savings opportunities.

Cleverspend analyzes your SaaS stack for you, even before signing a contract. Simply share your last year’s SaaS purchases, wait two days for Cleverspend to complete its analysis, then have any potential savings identified.

You can also tell Cleverspend your SaaS wishlist, have the platform source possible solutions for you, then have it begin negotiations on your behalf – only bothering you directly when it comes to purchase or e-signing.

It aims to “take SAAS purchase’s back-and-forth from your hands”, saving you potentially hundreds of hours on negotiations, and allowing you to focus on more important things.

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