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Glu:on by Flowciety

FOUNDED : 2019

LOCATION : Europe, Germany

TEAM SIZE : 2-10




Core functionality
Process Automation
Additional functionality
Blockchain Technology

Flowciety helps with process automation across cross-company business processes. Its decentralised platform digitises collaboration with partners and suppliers.

Their software, Glu:on, automates processes such as the exchange of data, and keeps information reliably documented at the same time. This creates security and audit-compliant collaboration, while lowering process costs.

Glu:on hides the complex technology of its software behind a simple, intuitive and customisable interface. It allows you to track the status of your processes in real time, providing data that can be viewed at any time, and storing it for follow-up after completion.

It makes changes in the ordering process visually clear, and these changes can then be accepted with a few clicks.

With Glu:on you can not only automate the exchange of files related to an order process, you can also add new internal, as well as cross-company workflows on Glu:on at any time.

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