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FOUNDED : 2021

LOCATION : US & Canada, US

TEAM SIZE : 2-10


Core Functionality
Risk Management

Magnitude is a US-based startup, providing enterprise information risk management software. It serves the manufacturing, retail and pharmaceutical sectors.

Its products:

  • Automate risk management of commodities;
  • Create on-demand exposure reports;
  • Ensure optimal planning by taking into account business needs and market opportunities.

Magnitude offers four main products:

  • Magnitude Angles for process analytics;
  • Magnitude Process Runner for process automation;
  • Magnitude Simba for data connectivity;
  • Magnitude SourceConnect for data integration.

Angles simplify complex SAP data so it’s understood by business users, not just SAP specialists and IT data scientists.

Process Runner turns Microsoft Excel into your data management cockpit for SAP with no-code transaction automation, data management, and flexible workflow features.

Magnitude’s Simba Gateway gives you real-time access to your data across all your sources, so you can quickly get connected and enable your users to quickly uncover and act on insights.

Meanwhile, SourceConnect helps to solve the complexities of integrating third-party data sources into SAP S/4HANA for central finance foundation.

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