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Market Dojo

FOUNDED : 2010


TEAM SIZE : 11-50


FUNDING ROUND : Aquired by Esker

Core functionality
Additional functionality
Contracts: Repository
Supplier Relationship Management (SRM)

Market Dojo is a medium-sized UK software business, which started out as an e-sourcing platform . They now offer seven products, with the core offering of Market Dojo centred around an the e-sourcing platform that streamlines the whole sourcing process, including RFQs, surveying, and auctioning.

  • Category Dojo is a category spend insight solution that uses self-reporting to evaluate sourcing opportunities;
  • Contract Dojo is a contract management tool that allows for the storage, management, and analysis of contracts;
  • Innovation Dojo assists supplier collaboration by sharing and evaluating ideas;
  • SIM Dojo ensures fast and effective supplier onboarding through workflow automation;
  • SRM Dojo is a supplier management platform, and;
  • Quick Quotes is Market Dojo’s tail spend management solution that also allows centralised data.

Podcast episode with Market Dojo:

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