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FOUNDED : 2019

LOCATION : Europe, Germany

TEAM SIZE : 2-10


FUNDING ROUND : Bootstrapped

Core functionality
Niche Category Specific
Additional functionality
Contingent Workforce Management
Services Procurement
Source-to-Contract (S2C)

Outerscore is a German startup providing an all-in-one service buying and extended workforce cloud for contingent workforce management.

The platform allows you to source and manage temp workers, contractors and SOWs in a single, next-gen VMS.

Outerscore “addresses the largest dark pool of undermanaged spend”, by offering a fusion of sourcing automation and legal tech in an easy-to-navigate platform.

Its algorithms conduct compliance risk assessments, recognise project specific patterns and provide decision support based on a unique scoring and anomaly engine.

It aims to gives users a single place to procure and maximise the impact of all external services, advisors and workers across their enterprise: Managing agencies, consultants, contractors, temp labour and more – all with a single all-in-one tool.

Outerscore provides for mid-sized companies and scale-ups as well. Technologies for this category have historically been out of scope for smaller businesses, due to high costs and complexity, but Outerscore aims to break this trend.

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