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FOUNDED : 2020

LOCATION : US & Canada, US

TEAM SIZE : 2-10



Core functionality
Source-to-Contract (S2C)
Additional functionality
Contracts: Lifecycle Management (CLM)
Vendor Master Data Portal

Procoto is a self-service procurement solution for small and mid-sized businesses.

Its software is designed as a lower-cost, user-friendly alternative to enterprise-level procurement platforms. Procoto offers solutions for strategic sourcing, workflow approvals, RFP management, smart databasing and data transformation.

It seeks to solves the unique challenges faced by small businesses:

Protoco’s tools and analytics allow you to negotiate with the same leverage as larger companies. It mitigates the limited insight that can hold small companies back, by storing all your communications and spend data in one place for full visibility.

It also tackles the issue of inefficient sourcing, saving you time by streamlining processes with automation.

Other features include automated bidding and analysis, allowing you to create templates and sequences to automatically invite vendors, follow up, and analyse their bids. Meanwhile, centralised vendor management consolidates all key vendor information and performance metrics. In addition, the software also enables you to digitise contracts and terms for easy searchability.

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