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FOUNDED : 1994

LOCATION : Europe, Germany

TEAM SIZE : 201-500



Core Functionality
Process Automation

xSuite develops software applications for document-based process automation.

It uses globally standardised digital solutions and simple workflows to automate your purchasing, accounts payable and ordering procedures – as well as providing file management and archiving products.

xSuite’s motto is “Cloud first, but not Cloud only”, offering hybrid scenarios that combine the best of both worlds: on-premises and in-cloud.

The company offers four main cloud solutions:

Its incoming mail solution, xSuite Mailroom Helix, gives you automated classification, processing and distribution – with versatile and decentralised input scenarios for both digital and analog documents.

Operated on the SAP Business Technology Platform, the xSuite Business Partner Portal Sphere integrates your suppliers into your digital ecosystem. This streamlined P2P workflow feeds to and from your established SAP infrastructure.

xSuite Capture Helix is an in-cloud document extraction solution that extracts, interprets and validates inbound invoices. Meanwhile, xSuite Archive Helix provides archiving with reliable long-term storage for all your invoices, communications and documents.

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