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We are actively looking to work with procurement technology companies, as well as solutions providers who serve clients with digital procurement transformation solutions

Why we’re different

We’ve democratised access to digital procurement content. 

No paywalls. No expensive conferences. Just great multimedia content. 

We love being disruptive, a bit contrarian and definitely not stiff or corporate. If you’re on our wavelength, we’d love to work with you!

Sponsorship / Advertising

We offer a range of different types of sponsored content and media partnerships to help you reach your target audience. To download a media pack, click here:

Software Companies

Are you a best-of-breed procurement software company and want to be included on this site? We’d love to hear from you. 

This site is NOT “pay-to-play”. We list all relevant providers free of charge.


Change agents, futurists and visionary procurement professionals are visiting this site and listening to our podcast.

We have a highly targeted audience, keen to shape Procurement’s digital future.

If these are perfect candidates for your clients’ organisations, let’s talk!


We are interested to partner with consultancies who offer technical implementation solutions for best-of-breed procuretech, as well as procurement transformations in mid-market businesses.

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