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The View on Tech from Both Sides – Kelly Barner from Buyers Meeting Point

  • 3 min read

Welcome back to The Procuretech Podcast!

We’re continuing our mini series where we ask influencers and industry experts for their thoughts on everything that’s happening in the digital procurement world.

Our guest today is a real stalwart in this space, and has had her own website and blog since 2009.

She’s seen many changes in her career, both as a Procurement Consultant with a procurement tech company back in the day, and now as an independent blogger, podcaster, and CIO.

Kelly Barner, founder of Buyers Meeting Point and partner at Art of Procurement, a very warm welcome to the show!

The View on Tech from Both Sides – Kelly Barner from Buyers Meeting Point



We open up our conversation with a brief rundown of Kelly’s professional background.

How did she make the journey from software consultant to content creator, and beyond?



Current economic headwinds might have Category Managers looking over their shoulders and uncertain about the future.

At the same time, growing procurement tech companies are looking to recruit people with procurement expertise. It seems like a natural transition.

How did Kelly find that transition? And would she recommend taking the leap to anyone considering a career change?



Why former practitioners make for great providers, and the value of having a broad base of experience.



What area of procurement does Kelly think will have the biggest potential impact?

What trends has Kelly seen in her years of experience, and where is the impact highest?



Kelly explains the importance of data and analytics. She also touches on how we need to stop seeing compliance as a dirty word. We should be creating a situation that incentivises compliance naturally.



We discuss the value of content creators when it comes to internal communication. Does Kelly think that internal marketing will become a more in-demand skill going forwards?



Kelly feels that companies won’t be quick to purposefully pursue content creators.

Although internal marketing, content creation, and communication are hugely valuable, we’re much likely to see that value emerge organically.



To what extent does Kelly think procurement tech will be at the forefront of change, when compared to other factors like sustainability and geopolitical disruption to supply chains?



As we spend less time in tech, it’s going to force us to want our tech to do more. And that might leave procurement professionals feeling like their role is in jeopardy.

We need to reassess our role with this in mind and become more value oriented.



With the direction that Kelly’s going with Art of Procurement, to what extent do the increasing number of software solutions play a role in her overall strategy and business model?



If we want to become closer to the business, not only do we need to do a better job leveraging the full capabilities of digital. There needs to be more integration between procurement’s digital footprint, and that of the enterprise as a whole.


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